So let’s get this straight: sometime over the weekend, a Breitbart writer was fired for being too racist (I’ll let you decide how much time you need to process that sentence. Take your time, I’ll be here). The tweet in question:

the liberal media strikes again!

It’s just… I need to savor it.

The best part? She’s angry at Breitbart (Breitbart) for being “PC” and firing her over telling “the truth” (read: unsubstantiated, virulent racism), which apparently was too much even for them, and now is trying to crowdsource funds for her bills, and her medical care…almost like…I dunno, she could jump on one of the ACA insurance exchanges? Or maybe apply for unemployment? Sorry if that requires thinking too much about brown folks, Katie. But hey, maybe you can form some kind of high-risk pool with fellow dipshits Mike Cernovich or also-recently-fired-because-she-said-stupid-racist-shit Tammy A-Lago?

Make your move girl, it’s all you. I mean, because I already made my move. I’m laughing. I’m enjoying laughing. So, thanks, friendo. Let me know if you need help with that unemployment paperwork!